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Is Auditions.com really a scam?

Competitors have been posting negative stuff about us. However, you cannot argue with success.


  • 1. Auditions.com is by far world's largest talent website with over 10 million members.
  • 2. Auditions.com has thousands of auditions and job openings.
  • 3. No other site comes even close to the value that Auditions.com is providing its members.
  • 4. The Internet is a media that everyone anonymously, can go and post unverifiable stories.
  • 5. Negative comments about us are posted by competitors who cannot stand our success.
  • 6. Tens of Thousands auditions and jobs, has been landed by Auditions.com members.

Every serious player in the entertainment business knows Auditions.com is not a scam. With over 10 million members, Auditions.com has proved that it is not a scam. Auditions.com has thousands of positive testimonies and continues to take pride in their work.

If you are an aspiring talent, you can't go wrong with the services of Auditions.com and be genuinely comfortable knows it is not a scam. With over 10 million members and counting the proof is unstoppable. Auditions.com is by far the world's largest talent resource website and their services are unbeatable. With a big name like Auditions.com, we cant afford to be a scam nor would we want to.

In recent years it seems to be that “talent resources and agencies” are coming out of the woodwork, with promises of making you an over night Hollywood sensation. These type of companies are truly scam agencies. And really with promises like that, who wouldn't fall victim to these scam and fraudulent companies? If you feel that you victimized by one of these scam or fraudulent companies, and blinded with their absurd lies and manipulation Auditions.com is here to help.

Auditions.com wants to help you if you have been a victim to a scam. Here at Auditions.com we intend to raise the bar in legitimacy and set a higher standard of honesty and services to each and every hopeful talent that fell victim to being a scam by one of our “competitor” companies. This higher standard starts with our Fraud Compensation Program, which will provide victims with restored hope, faith and peace of mind, to continue pursuing their dreams and aspirations. For every $29.95 you were defrauded, you will receive Auditions.com's monthly service for free! Don't fall for another scam again!

Qualifying for this program is easy and stress free; simply provide Auditions.com with your credit card statement, showing the amount in which you were defrauded. Absolutely no credit card billing information is required for you to claim your free service. Auditions.com is prudent about exposing industry scam artist, who practice victimizing aspiring talents by selling them lies, broken promises and empty dreams, and a big scam for a fee. Never fall for a scam again! Let Auditions.com help you pick up your life after being a victim of a scam.

So what are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose; with Auditions.com's anti scam project called Fraud Compensation Program you can get your dreams and career back on track and never fall for another scam again. Let the world's largest talent website extend their hand to helping you, and never feel like a victim or scammed again!