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Is Auditions.com a Fraud?

A lot of Auditions.com's rivals” just can't stand our success and the quickly growing community of members we've got. These confidence men would like nothing but to exploit unknowing victims as well as posting daft lies in numerous and random places online. The actuality is that numbers don't lie and with over 4,900,000 members, we are the largest talent resource site. Auditions.com works hard to make and run customer satisfaction, posting over 50 thousand auditions and roles daily. Auditions.com isn't a Fraud We are always working to reveal the myths and lies about Auditions.com Fraud . Because no other company comes close to the worth and service Auditions.com offers to their members, we are a big threat to these supposed “competitors“. They can not stand that Auditions.com offers such an enormous volume of worth at costs reasonable on any budget, making it tough for even the sleaziest fraudsters to deal with us. Without regard for these confidence men ' attempts to tear down Auditions.com we keep growing. Auditions.com Fraud and Fraud Compensation Programme Auditions.com has an impossible to resist need to reach out to those victimized by offering our own Fraud Compensation Programme . With this Programme , you can receive Auditions.com's monthly service free for each $29.95 you were tricked. We here at Auditions.com need to resurrect the hope, faith and enthusiasm which may have decreased from these sting sites.

Qualifying for the Programme is a simple snap. All you need to do is supply Auditions.com with your MasterCard statement showing the amount in which you were cheated.

Remember that no Credit card or billing information is needed from you to state a claim your free service.

If you used to become a victim of one of those swindle sites, it is reasonable that you contact the Better Business Bureau and file a formal complaint. Auditions.com is taking a powerful approach in exposing these industry swindle sites. Being that Auditions.com is simply the largest online talent resource world wide, you really have zip to lose. And, we are patently not an Auditions.com crime, acting crime, modeling crime or anything even close! We offer 50 thousand auditions and job lists on a common-or-garden basis and thousands of our members have secured auditions and landed roles due to our phenomenal services. The numbers speak out for themselves, so give Auditions.com a call and get your career back on course today! So now, ask is Auditions.com crime? We at Auditions.com are attempting to be the best talent resource online as practical giving the highest sort of legitimacy to our site and, naturally, to our buyers.

That having been asserted, our Talent Fraud Compensation Programme , which provides our young talent members with a comfort and guarantee.

For each twenty-nine dollars and ninety five cents that you are mislead, you can receive Auditions.com's first tier service for free! To be accepted for the Fraud Compensation Programme , which in its turn gives you the free monthly service ; simply supply us with a card statement showing the amount you were conned.

To put the member's mind at ease more so no billing information or MasterCard will be wanted to lodge a claim your free service. Auditions.com's motto is to be highly pushy in the area of exposing the entertaining industry acting crime, talent crime and modeling crime artists who have time after time defrauded new finds by giving them fake guarantees and hollow dreams, promising that they can get them through the “entertainment door” with a click of the mouse and the price of a set charge.

Auditions.com is the premiere talent resource site, who's sole resolution is to get young talent through the door of the entertainment business in the highest direct and honest way, helping fresh faces new to Hollywood navigate the shark-invested waters of the industry. And nobody comes close to the worth that Auditions.com provides its over 11.7 million members by listing over 10,000 auditions and job openings daily, which is twenty times the amount of any other site on the net, providing all our members with the best opportunity to explore the entertainment business.