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Music Video Auditions

Do you want to be in a famous music video? Well, “wanting it” unfortunately is not the only thing required to make this happen. Every kid who learns how to dance growing up most likely envisions him or herself dancing in a music video in front of the latest, hottest new breakout band, performing in front of thousands of fans. Now that’s the kind of dream job in music that sounds just perfect, right? Well, there are a handful of things that you must do in order to increase your chances of making that happen.

First off, every performing artist practices hard. And by hard, that means practicing day and night. Whether you’re working with a teacher or a choreographer, or learning on your own from a “How tobook, you must be prepared to work all the time at this craft. Because as hard as you’re working, there’s always someone else out there working harder than you. So, you must be sure to give it your all and never let up. This might mean sacrificing a lot of other fun things you’d like to do, but in the end it will all be worth it. Just ask Tiger Woods if practicing day and night at golf paid off. You don’t need to ask Tiger that question because anyone who has watched the U.S. Open (or any other golf tournament for that matter) knows that is most surely did pay off for him. Now, he worked harder than anyone else, sacrificing outings with friends, going to the movies and parties, but he loved golf more than anything and it certainly shows. So, that’s the big question – do you love performing enough to sacrifice everything else? If the answer is yes, then that’s your dream job in the entertainment biz for sure.

Now there are many ways to make it as a career performer. Of course, getting a manager is an obvious one. But make sure that your representation wants to make it in his or her career field as much as you do. If they don’t have the same passion and drive, they might hold you back from achieving your dreams. If everyone is on the same page as you are, practice day and night and perfect your techniques to the core. Making your own videos and posting them on Youtube or a similar site is a great way to get noticed. You can always look on-line or in music magazines for auditions for bands who are looking for a dancer or actor to star in their music videos. A band that is organized and has some cache going for them already is a plus. There are so many ways to make it as a professional performing artist or actor. And remember that there are a variety of jobs in music that require a performer, even if it’s not in a music video per say. You can always look for a job that needs an actor or dancer in a movie or TV show. The options are limitless and all you need is the love, drive and determination for performing to make it happen no matter how you get there…The most important tip, like anything that involves passion, is to never give up!

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