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Casting Auditions

Casting is a vital pre-production process which aides the casting director(s) in choosing the best candidate for the role in question. Casting calls sometimes call for a number of auditions in front of a casting panel in order to zero in on the best selection for the role and or to know exactly what role would be best for the individual. The casting panel may place a person in a group audition for the second round to judge not only the talent of the individual but also the chemistry between the actors auditioning.

The casting panel may consist of the casting director, producer, director, and or choreographer. Each of these people will contribute a judgment call based around the look, talent, skills and later chemistry of the actor(s) auditioning.

Depending on the role and what it calls for casting calls are sent out accordingly. If the role is for an extra or under 5 lines it may go out to the general public, if the part is for a supporting role it may only go out to local semi-professional actors, and if the part is open for a leading role it may only go out to specifically selected actors. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and some fresh faces land huge roles year after year with having a natural talent along with the right look.

When a casting goes out the casting panel usually (either individually or collectively) already has a vision of what they are looking for. Sometimes the casting director has a very specific look, personality, voice, and energy in mind for a certain role.

It is important that you never get a chip on your shoulder and that you remain a pleasure to work with at all times. Your name will rise in fame and respect in the entertainment industry if you are both cooperative and considerate to work alongside. Nobody wants to work with someone who has an ego problem and thinks that they alone can run the show and call all the shots.

Keep in mind that when you are just starting out you don’t want to pass on opportunities; you want to take a chance on whatever comes your way in order to build upon your experience and skills. And don't forget why agents are incredibly useful in the entertainment industry. Casting directors tend to look at headshots and resumes from an agent rather than from the actor themselves. Active representation often yields credibility.

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